Online Multiplayer Game named “Wurm Online” was taken offline by hackers, which was basically attacked by Denial of Service. According to the info we got, game service was taken down on 19th Feb and was still down today.

“Shortly after todays update we were the target of a DDOS attack and our hosting provider had to pull us off the grid for now,” Code Club posted. “As annoying as this may be, we are taking steps to turn this to everyones advantage. I announced earlier that we were already looking at migrating the hosting of Wurm. When the attack forced us offline, we went straight ahead and pushed for this to happen as soon as possible.”

Code Club offered bounty for any tip or evidence for the person who is responsible for the attack, team writes:
The team is working on switching hosting and said that service should be restored within a day. Code Club is offering a bounty of 10,000 Euro “for any tips or evidence leading to a conviction of the person responsible for this attack.”

The game was stopped after just an update to version 1.2.

Game service seems to be down also at the time of writing the news, we checked registration site of the game and found that offline, CHECKED HERE.




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