Just now, we catched a report on a hackers news that they got a mail from a hacker named ‘Dr.FarFar‘, who is actually claiming the hack of Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg Facebook account.

The thing is, Facebook cover of the Mark’s timeline cover photo is missing and hacker claimed to do that, well that is hard thing to believe this normal thing as a hack, but it could be.

We also checked the Mark Zuckerberg’s timeline and found the timeline cover missing, you can see an image at the top.

After some minutes hacker updated thehackernews, how he was able to remove the Mark’s timeline cover, he wrote:

I don’t like this photo of me‘ and then “I used Fiddler2 Debugger Program to edit the request.

Last year in August-Researcher from Palestine hacked Zuckerberg’s timeline to report a bug, right now there is not any confirmation from Facebook about this hack.





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