According to a news published here, Anonymous group of hackers related to Slovenian has hacked the Federal Bureau of Investigation F.B.I, they claim to upload email addresses and personal information of Director to online storage site (pastebin.)

Anonymous posted FBI domain email addresses and along with the passwords for 68 agents.

The Details posted online said to be include a short profile on FBI Director James Comey, including sensitive information such as Date of Birth, Marriage Information, Educational Qualification and the geographical coordinates of his residence which is valuable if you have access to a spare drone or something like that.

FBI website’s two name servers were targeted and information was collected from seven open ports on the servers

Anonymous group posted this link where they have posted the completed information they have stolen from the FBI website, they posted leak link with the status //Laughing at your security ^^.

There is not any confirmation from the FBI regarding the leak.

Anonymous always a notorious enemy for FBI, here are some headlines we covered in the past:

FBI: Anonymous accessed U.S government computers

After FBI Leak, Anonymous leaks Details of All US Federal Reserve Bank Employees




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