Obama Listening phone calls

According to a new report, the American and British intelligence agencies hacked remotely into the telephone network system of Uganda to access the conversations of the high profile people in Uganda.

This report provides insight into the shadowy practice of the foreign intelligence compilation by America and Britain who remotely access the conversations and data on the phones, personal computers, hard disks, mobile phone SIM cards and routers in the other countries.

SImilarly, this report also revealed that remotely the Uganda Telecom was used to listen to the conversations of the staff of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London where Julian Assange-the Wikileaks founder had sought refuge.

According to the information published by described that the operators under the GCHQ or the UK Government Communications Headquarters used some based station that mimics the infrastructure of Uganda Telecom and collects the mobile signals to tap the mobile phones.

The report also hinted that the American and the British intelligence could have aimed the high-profile people in the Government of Uganda. Recently, the US National Security Agency has been in the spotlight for the purpose of spying on and hacking the world leaders. It has resulted in a global uproar.

This report also revealed that immediately after Assange, the Wikileaks founder arrived at the London’s Ecuadorian Embassy, the staff of that embassy started receiving welcome messages from the Uganda telecom on the cell phones. It is because the British intelligence services had not properly reorganized the data slurping base-station from any previous operation in Uganda.

The website included that the hacking details of the Uganda telecom network are included in one 50-page top-secret document, written by a division of the NSA or the US National Security Agency and this was sent to Der Spiegel-the German magazine.

The news of the hacking of uganda telecom was revealed by the journalist Jacob Appelbaum in significance to the 30th Chaos Communication Congress organized in Germany on 30th December. The entire document was uploaded to, the whistle blowing website and it detailed the names of the targeted organizations and people.

But there was no instant response from the regulator of the communications industry, UCC or Uganda Communications Commission. The UCC director for communications and consumer affairs, Fred Otunnu inquired for more time for commission in order to come up with a proper reaction.

The uganda telecom managing director Ali Amir could not be contacted on the phone. By press time, Amir had not answered to the email message that was seeking his comment.




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