(Reuters)- Former NSA contractor Edward Snowden has been accused of allegedly receiving help from Russia to reveal U.S governmental secrets by the U.S. House of Representatives Intelligence Committee on Sunday.

U.S. Representative Mike Rogers admitted that there is definitely a scope for suspicion when the former contractor had such good ties with the FSB agents in Russia. KGB’s successor Russian intelligence agency has been reported to be in good terms with Snowden.

It is more evident from the last year’s incident of Snowden flying to Russia via Hong Kong where he has been taken into a year of asylum. However, the U.S. officials want him back for prosecution against the offense of keeping several private governmental documents with him, letting down the USA’s surveillance capabilities.

Rogers also said that he has got certain evidences that prove that Snowden has provided help to the Russian military regarding U.S.A’s top security information.

He has also cleared out all doubts by saying “There is an ongoing investigation of his activities”

Senator Dianne Feinstein, head of the Senate Intelligence Committee also confirms that Snowden might have definitely done some help to the Russians.

Feinstein said, “Although it is still not confirmed”.

Feinstein also stated that Snowden must have entered NSA with the sole intention of letting out information.

U.S. Representative Michael McCaul in “This Week,” also seemed assertive that Snowden has definitely aided the Russians.

He also expressed his views and said that there might be other officials too as it can not be a sudden random act of Snowden.

McCaul said, “There is definitely a power that has coerced Snowden into doing what he did”.

However, McCaul did not answer when asked if he thought that the “power” were the Russians.



Rogers specified that the character of the documents that Snowden gained pointed out towards some kind of foreign engagement.

He said to CBS program “Face the Nation.” The detail of Snowden’s report clearly indicated that he aided the military and other foreign attempts.

Former deputy CIA director, Michael Morell said he was also worried about the information exchange that must have taken place between Snowden and Russian intelligence.

He pointed out that the intent and the timing of the evidence was so correctly formed that he could not help but think that Snowden is definitely involved as because it is tough to believe that such incidents that look carefully thought can be coincidental.

However, Reuters have been informed by other U.S. security officials that Snowden has not been proved to be assisted by others who were allegedly linked or helped the Russian intelligence with the private information of the US government.

Though, Snowden has denied all these accusations brought on him and said that he has not taken or leaked any document in his Russia trip during June 2013 and that there is no possibility that Russia had got those documents through him.

In remarks to this, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin told “This Week” that Snowden has not been restricted to move within Russia and they also welcome America in the forthcoming Winter Olympics of Sochi.

Putin also said that Snowden was free to travel anywhere within Russia and he was just on an asylum aand also that all he would require to come to Russia is a simple flight ticket.

(Reporting by Sierra Gale, Michael Dre and Susan Fitzgerald; Editing by Tim Hudson and Angelina Mckinsey)



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