Chris McKinlay, the math genius succeeded to hack the Online Dating site and in result he has got a fiancée. He made all this possible with his great maths skills.

OkCupid- – a website, that uses maths to find a mate, is being hacked by McKinaly. OkCupid uses an algorithm based on Age, City and few more parameters to predict matching partners.

On OkCupid, individuals create profiles. And then they need to answer 350 random questions. The answer scales from irrelevant to mandatory. You find match only when your answer matches with the individuals’ answer.

McKinlay, created several fake profiles and filled out the questions honestly, since he didn’t want any future relationship to be based on ‘computer-generated lies’, but he did follow the data on what to rank each question for importance. Finally he was succeeded in finding several matching profiles of age 25 to 42, in Los Angels with 90% compatability.

After having 88 terrible dates with women, McKinaly finally found a 28 year old woman, who is an artist,lived near UCLA named Christine Tien Wang.

Amy Web was among those people who found success on online dating websites. In her TED talks on April 2013, she had shared the Algorithm that helped her to find a man of her dreams.



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