ATM Machines

A special arrangement have been using by Cyber-Criminals in Europe to steal money from the Cash Machines, which is actually owned by an unnamed bank.

Chaos Computing Congress in Germany revealed this technique, they said Cyber-Criminals cut a hole in the ATM Machines to plug in their Exploit filled USB Drive, which installs code in the Cash Machines.

This technique was discovered last summer when one of the targeted Bank began to notice the cash machines. If a cyber-thief install the exploit in machine and finished, then the thief would patch up the hole to allow the same exploit to be used in other machines.

Thief can easily run whenever wanted by just entering a special 12 digit code, after entering the code a special interface launches on the machines.

Special Interface shows all the information from Back-end to Front-end like-how many notes in the machines and all the secret information.



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