The hacker who hacked email accounts of George W.Bush , comedian Steve Martin,  Pulitzer Prize-winning author Diane McWhorter, Oceanographer Robert Ballard, and many more officials, diplomats, entertainers and high-profile individuals from United States and around the world has been arrested on Wednesday by Romanian authorities.

The DIICOT, Romanian Law Enforcement Authority have taken cooperation of US authorities to catch the hacker who was previously arrested in August 2011, for hacking into the email and Facebook accounts of various public figures from Romania, including, football players, singers, politicians and actors.

Guccifier is charged for accessing repeatedly, the personal email accounts of public figures from Romania in an attempt to gain confidential information.

Marcel Lazăr Lehel’, the the 40-year-old notorious hacker- Guccifier  had hacked most coveted documents along with the script for the finale of “Downtown Abey” season 4, that he swiped from the email account of the show’s creator Jullian Fellowes. Guccifier already had the script six months before the show was aired in UK, but he never revealed it.

“I don’t know what near future hold for me,” the hacker stated, adding that the thousands of documents were being provided to a reporter in case I disappear”.

There are numerous codes, passwords and documents Guccifier had compromised , the list contains spreadsheet of phone numbers, email addresses, social security numbers, passwords for various websites, along with drawings, documents – such as doodles by Bill Clinton, self-portrait that George W. Bush painted of himself taking shower.

Guccifier had never revealed how he had been able to compromise the passwords of so many email accounts.Work files and studies in the compromised email accounts show that the hacker was able to guess the answers of security questions correctly, by reviewing the Wikipedia pages of victims, names of their relatives and even by searching popular names of dogs and cats.




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