NSA Files

In the following text, one will get to know in a thorough description how the National Security Agency (NSA) contractor Edward Snowden “accomplished stealing a suspected 1.7 million credentials from the NSA.”

That actually is an overwhelming quantity of classified documents from America’s most secure authority.

Glenn Greenwald initially told the media that He and filmmaker Laura Poitras received as many as 10,000 files from Edward Snowden in Hong Kong, and NSA leader Keith Alexander recently quoted, Snowden had taken as many as 200,000.

And now the NSA has told CBS that they believe that Edward Snowden stole a hefty number of 1.7 million classified documents, seeped as many as 200,000 to media-people he met in Hong Kong, and still has access to some 1.5 million more.

The inferences of that latter part are particularly disturbing given that he has been living under the benefaction of the Russian FSB since he grasped out to the Kremlin in Hong Kong and reached Moscow on 23rd June. Snowden stated that he provided all of the classified files he had occupied from the National Security Agency’s internal systems to the journalists he met in Hong Kong, but that proclamation doesn’t tally up to the NSA’s statement.

The 30-year-old split up with Greenwald and Poitras on June 10 and leaked to the South China Morning Post on June 12, adding to SCMP that he had planned on leaking more documents in the future.

In July – while Snowden was hold-up in the transit zone of a Moscow airport – Greenwald told the Associated Press that Snowden “is in possession of literally thousands of documents – that would allow somebody who read them to know exactly how the NSA does it, which would allow them to avoid that surveillance or duplicate it.” corresponding to this announcement, this is a threat to National Security.

All of this points to a quite frightening situation for the U.S., and almost all the American citizens residing in other parts of the world.

The person in charge of the Snowden leak task force told CBS that he would be in favor of allowing Snowden forgiveness if the data he still bears is retrieved, whereas a former NSA director suggested the NSA to leak it all.

Citizens in Russia and China – who already live under tyrannical surveillance – may also be badly affected by the leak if portions of the blueprints of the world’s largest intelligence agency were used against them.

The potential damage goes well beyond spying on citizens (i.e., Snowden’s stated focus): Last month The Washington Post detailed in their statement that U.S. Bureaucrats trust that Edward Snowden acquired 30,000 confidential U.S. documents that “have no relation with NSA surveillance but mostly with standard intelligence about the military capabilities of other countries and their weapons systems.”

Former CIA and NSA leader Michael Hayden states that he “would lose all respect for China’s Ministry of State Security and Russia’s FSB if they have not already fully harvested Snowden’s digital data trove.”

After reading this text, if you are even cynical of the NSA’s claims – it’s about time to ponder over the thought that Snowden became compromised after he leaked data in Hong Kong. What stands true to us, is that he had access to NSA files and then went to the Kremlin.



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