Facebook around the world

Created in the year 2004 in the Harvard University dorm room of founder and developer Mark Zuckerberg, the present day social media giant Facebook took a new step further as Zuckerberg filed for an IPO for Facebook last year, allowing people to purchase the shares of the global social media hulk.

The newly released ‘2013 State of the Data Center’ info-graphic stated that over 665 million people all over the world are active userson Facebook. This data points towards a statement which would clearly say that 1 out of every 9 human beings is an active Facebook user.

These startling figures approve of the Internet uprising that is underway points directly towards the fast-paced development of internet and Information Technology.

In merely nine years, Facebook has takenmassivejumps and is theforerunner in forming, what is today known as the social media.

The info-graph given out by the Emerson Network Power company also brings to light the ever speedingevolution of the world towards ‘e-culture’.

Conferring to data provided by the info-graphic, nearly 172 million e-readers (electronic devices used solely for the purpose of reading digital content) are likely to have been sold in 2012-2013 Financial Year – almost six times the quantity of e-readers sold in 2011. Adding to this data, Instagram hosts 40 million new photographs on an everyday count, counting up to 28,000 new photos every minute.

For those who don’t know about it, Instagram is again a product of Facebook.

With manufacturers selling smartphones, or internet-enabled phones for that matter with flourishing numbers every year, easy broadband and mobile internet access is taking Facebook to a stage where the rest 8 out of 9 humans will join the social media platform very soon.



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