Hack facebook

Nowadays we are seeing many types of websites are there which offering us online shopping, ticketing and even more that is beyond our imagination, but here is also a website which claims to get work done in 3 Hours. On website named people worldwide makes account and claim to do the work that they are saying for in just 3 Hours.

Upon visiting the site, we found it interesting and we found a user who is claiming to teach “How to hack facebook account in just 10 min.”

An Indian user named Ravi Kishore posted this project and claiming to teach you how to hack facebook in just 10 min and the amount he wants to teach you fb hack is $5, which is not a big amount, so anybody can easily come into his swindle.

Here is the description of the post posted by the Indian guy:

“You can hack fb passwords within 10 min by yourself only…this is not a deal like you have to pay and later i will hack and mailing passwords to you…absolutely you do it by your self only with my software for lifetime trick….. IMP NOTE-NO DOWNLOAD,NO SURVEYS BLA BLA BLA 100 % GENUINE and works 1000 % not even a single failure for my software…”

This is not a post, which is promoting the site, we just want to aware you from the thug who is going to make you fool.

We neither contacted him nor we want to, but we can clearly say, “Your $5 going to be a waste.”

This site also have also many important projects like, design your website logo in just 3 hours and many more related to your online work.



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