phone spying

After the Snowden Scandal’s revealing that the National Security Agency has its eyes on every activity on the Internet and Phones, the world has come to accept the fact that everybody is under the eye of one Government Agency or the other, including their cell phone transmissions, emails and phone calls as well. Most of us have accepted this fact, and all we can hope for is this being unreal.

One way to check for yourself if you are being kept under surveillance by somebody is this (click on the link for instructional video.)

This check was performed by blogger Alex Heid from his location in the U.S. he came to learn that his cell phone was being routed through an unknown network named British Ministry of Defense, possibly being analyzed by UK’s Government Communications Headquarters. The blogger was using a pre-paid mobile phone carrier. The same test can be performed on Contract phones to check if somebody is monitoring the phone.

On the other hand, the Service Providing Cell Phone Companies don’t seem to be bothered about this. Conferring to the officials’ comment, due to no requirement of ID for purchasing the pre-paid service, the users cannot expect privacy. One can call up their service provider (carrier) and ask for themselves.According to officials, because no ID is required upon purchase, then pre-paid mobile/cell phone users should have “no expectation of privacy”.

To any and all customers who are calling their phone companies to challenge them upon their privacy being invaded, the only reply the caller gets is that there is nothing to fear about it. It’s just that the user’s traffic is being rerouted using ‘unused bandwidth’, like the DoD or the Ministry of Defence, or the GCHQ as in Alex’s case. Of course, that’s being done!

Alex Heid of and has teamed up with WeAreChange. Alex is a security consultant, who informedeverybodyof the way to know which government agency is spying on their cell phones using his own Android phone.

In the settings panel of his phone, then going to the status tab, he learns of his phone’s unique IP Address and then checks whether his phone is “talking to,” somebody, so to speak and checks it up to discoverthat his phone is talking to DINSO, Ministry of Defense in the United Kingdom. Watch the video, learn from it, and use the knowledge to be aware of who is spying on your own or your friends’ cell phones.

Another user Walter, who watched the video, tested his phone for the same and reported that SPRINT is routing him through the DOD in Columbus. Walter commented, “We have surrendered our freedom.”Looking at this, we would say the same.



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