Snowden Mask

Impressed by the Brazilian government’s firm appraisal of the NSA Surveillance Programme published by the Brazilian newspaper Folha de S. Paulo in a letter, Edward Snowden states that he also appreciates the reaction and kickback they had when the agency spied on Dilma Rousseff’s  Mobile Phone.

Snowden’s help was very much needed and seeked on the hearings about the NSA’s practices by Brazil much like any other countries.

The letter which was signed by Snowden stated him conveying his eagerness and alacrity to assist help matters which are legal and appropriate but he is worried that the US government tends to delimitate his facility to do so.

The letter also states the fact that the US Government would not let him speak out until a country grants him a proper and a permanent Political Refuge.

This particular statement though isn’t shocking or surprising since the thing that can be inferred about the statements from the aforementioned was quite expected. Thus, many nations have, but not actually lent their helping hands to the whistleblower.

The Brazilian lawmakers have been tricking Snowden about offering him his asylum at the time of heated up announcement and revelation but eventually the discussion seem to fade away within months and there was no talk about it further.

Snowden says that he would not for the sake of political Repose disdain and avoid criminality, he also clears the fact that if his passport was the price of his speech he is ready to pay it again. The letter also speaks about how the world journeyed in the past six months.

Presently Snowden is residing in Russia where he has been granted temporary asylum earlier this year after he spent in the area of the Sheremetyevo airport for over a month following the United States Decision to quash and abolish his passport.



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