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After the Edward Snowden case was uncovered, the world eventually came to learn of the fact that the National Security Agency monitors almost all the activities on the Internet, leaving a few. But as it appears to us, Snowden was able to pinch the information from the NSA only as the National Security Agency was unable to keep an eye on their internal networks.

A minor blunder in the NSA’s haven gave Snowden, the ex-contractor who now lives under Russian refuge, easy access to the NSA’s servers and steal a plethoric amount of highly classified files from their data-treasure, that too without leaving any traces of such a theft, as stated by high-ranking administration officials to Mark Mazzetti and Michael Schmidt of The New York Times.

According to Mark Mazzetti and Michael Schmidt, the NSA officials don’t have a single clue as to what, how much and from where did Snowden manage to steal the documents. The officials also told Mazzetti and Schmidt that the NSA’s office in Hawaii from where Snowden snuck out the classified information were not updated with latest software which would allow the NSA to keep an eye on every nook and corner of their fairly large computer lobby. The funny story here is that the NSA, who is responsible for tracking millions of people worldwide, wasn’t concerned till now about keeping an eye on the movements of its own employees.

Right after the Wikileaks scandal of Julian Assange, the US President Barack Obama made clear orders to the federal agencies of the US to closely secure their classified information among other things. The reason behind these orders from Obama was to safeguard the US Government from internal leaks produced by the likes of those by Chelsea Manning and now Edward Snowden.

The question arises about the events that occurred in the 2 year time between both the leaks by Manning and Snowden. Did the NSA just procrastinate the upgrading of their security systems? According to Obama’s executive order, the systems should have been upgraded immediately, so the order stated. In reality, the NSA was the slow-walker in the race and Edward Snowden took advantage of the NSA’s position.

According to the senior officials, Edward Snowden had very close understanding of the NSA’s computer architecture, and he would have had the knowledge that the Hawaii facility was looser in appropriate security measures than the other NSA facilities.

A former government official spoke of his conversation with the NSA Director Gen. Keith B. Alexander, quoting the general that the NSA was several months behind in technology to catch the theft activity by Snowden at the time of its occurring.

The latest update on the several months old investigation into the Snowden scandal, which is soon to be reviewed by President Obama himself and also separate from the review of the Government Surveillance practices, has hit a dead end. Quoting an NSA official here with their statement to the Times, everything with this case is “crazy”, adding that the investigators have spent days trying to reconstruct the occurring to learn about what Snowden stole, but they still don’t know all what he was able to steal.


  1. Is not crazy. Is elementary. The NSA recently agreed to “share” information for trading purposes with the Central Banks. Seems the Haus of ROthschild got their way.


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