Anoymous ddos attack system

Recently, A 38-year-old US citizen man has been sentenced to two years probation and a stocky fine. Eric R. confessed from the Wisconsin, U.S. to have participated in a planned DDoS attack, the hacker movement Anonymous to the company ‘Koch Industries website’.

The US citizen Eric R. was accused by the hearing a widespread DDoS software in an attack on 28th February 2011 have used against the website The accused himself, who has now found guilty, claimed that he had activated the software only for the period of one minute. But that was apparently all that is needed to make the person as target of a police investigation.

The Ministry of Justice of the United States wrote in a statement that, Eric R. “declared for the felony of unauthorized entrée to a protected computer system guilty and was sentenced to two years probation and instructed to pay 183,000 U.S. dollars.” The amount corresponds to the expenses of Koch Industries allegedly incurred by the consultant who was brought in after the attack to put the website fixed. As a whole, not reached in the time span of DDoS attack for a period of 15 minutes. The actual damage was estimated as  5,000 USD.

The concerned U.S. Department of Justice now seems to take a particularly strict action against hackers. As an example, the 28-year-old Jeremy Hammond , an acknowledged supporter of Anonymous, last month to a ten year prison sentence has sentenced for the hack to the private security firm. Activists in the United States argues that the consequences for hackers are out of proportion to the crime committed and announces for a reform of the present “Computer Fraud and Abuse Act” which was introduced in 1980 and still serves as a basis for trial.

According to trial documents, the English-language website of the IT World present, Eric R. used the software named LOIC (Low Orbit Ion Cannon) – probably the most common DDoS software available. However, in inexperienced hands LOIC is quite problematic, is the execution of an attack, although seems very easy, much more difficult to manage with the obfuscation, however. Anonymous had declared the target of a movement, as the business owner has played a crucial role in the weakening of trade union, Koch Industries.



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