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A Team of thirteen Anonymous hackers pleaded guilty for the charges that connected to a cyberattack on PayPal in 2010. The Attack was for the eBay unit’s refusal to process payments for WikiLeaks.

Well, Anonymous gang cyber-attacked in sword, because online payment company “Paypal” suspended an account of Wikileaks that was connected to them after some of the classified documents were leaked by the Organization “Wikileaks.”

In an online statement, US Attorney Melinda Haag in San Francisco said:

“Citing violations of the PayPal terms of service, and in response to WikiLeaks’ release of the classified cables, PayPal suspended WikiLeaks’ accounts such that WikiLeaks could no longer receive donations via PayPal.”

After that, Wikileaks website declared—PayPal’s action ‘tried to economically strangle WikiLeaks.'”

Ten out of 13 indicts pleaded guilty to a count of damaging a computer that was protect and one of them charged for conspiracy. Remaining three pleaded guilty to one perpetration count related to the attack, online statement says.



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