One of the Smartly created Android Malware named “MouaBad.P”¬†found by security company Lookout, according to their research the malware can automatically make calls to those premium numbers which cost a huge amount per minute.

These types of Malware already in the market, but a feature in this makes it strong-it automatically starts the call whenever your phone locks and it ends the call after phone unlocks.

Now, you can imagine, it can easily create calls without any user intervention.

But, the thing is-Malware unable to delete call histories, so it can be easily detected through your call logs.

Which Android is affected?

This Malware only works with 3.1 Android version or later, for those who have android version above 3.1-there is no need to worry.

Few tips to safe your android mobile by Malware:

  • Always install apps from Trusted stores.
  • Make sure to un-check an option in your settings named “Unknown sources,” because it enables data from resources, those are un-trusted, which increase risk of installing something harmful.
  • You can also go with an antivirus app for your Android mobile.



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