Vote for Snowden

At least recent results of public vote show that. Is she good enough for this mission, to take on a conquest of fans’ hearts?

She is the one, beating world leaders, authors, celebrities, sports stars,  even the Boston bombers as the person who, ‘for better or for worse, has “done the most to influence the events of the year,’ according to Time.

Miley Cyrus became famous after her public strip show at the MTV Video Music Awards in August. She’s got more than 28% of the vote. Left behind Narendra Modi (Indian politician) and Edward Snowden. Miley made almost impossible thing, she hopped from the 15th place to the 5th place shortly; by using a simple automated voting tool hackers pushed her directly to a top of Time’s Person of the Year Award. Yes, she’s a lucky.

Before the voting system compromised, who was the best? Before its collision number one of      Anonymous and 4Chan community sympathy – Edward Snowden. Yes, the number one, true James Bond. He definitely left those Hollywood giants far behind.

It’s no doubt that Time’s poll system was hacked, it happened before.  Last year, cyber criminals made everything to push North Korean leader Kim Jong-un to win.

This time, the Poll’s system seemed to be protected. A new vote mode provided by social services Facebook and Twitter based on Poptip platform supposed to ensure this process.

Though, it took only about an hour to bypass system’s security and allow Gains and Marek, two programmers to vote remotely with social network accounts. “Just in the hour or so that we’ve been talking, I created a prototype and ultimately ‘beat the system.’”

Well, the race continues. “Vote for Edward Snowden as Time’s Person of the Year,” tweeted YourAnonNews on Nov. 25.

Any way the Internet voting is just a reflection of public sympathy. The real winner will be defined by Time’s editors. Who knows, maybe Miley Cyrus won’t become “most influenced the news this year.”

Hurry up to give your vote for the Time’s best, as soon as Dec. 4 the voting will close, and the winner will be announced on Dec. 11.

Hacked votes of Time


  1. Modi was at the top before it was hacked based on genuine votes which were very less. Someone hacked to get Snowden gong through roof then it went on.


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