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NRC Handelsblad published another pack of documents leaked by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden on Saturday.  According to this report U.S. Secret Service has installed malicious software on 50000 computer networks. A malware could intercept telephone and data traffic in a case of successful attempt.

The documents show the frequent attempts on tapping Netherlands until at least 1968.

Besides Netherlands also include Belgium, Germany and France bugged by the Americans, – the report shows.

“While they may suspect that they were targets for 1968, their cooperation with the NSA likely to decrease as this would be a public event,” writes the NSA.

Netherlands MP Gerard Schouw calls the report as not very specific, “but still shocking.”  However, the incident made authorities to launch an investigation.

Labour MP Jeroen Recourt: “These reports confirm what we already know. We are looking forward to further revelations. Two elements are important: to what extent are the GISS and DISS involved and what is the size. Of a pilot study for a parliamentary inquiry, we are still not in favor. The Commission on the Intelligence and Security Services (CTIVD) has been conducting an investigation. ”

The NSA can program remote on and off. The intelligence service could have intercepted Secret information on every continent. The way it uses ‘Computer Network Exploitation’ (CNE) in more than 50,000 locations, is the secret infiltration of computer systems achieved by installing malware, malicious software.

Meanwhile, NSA employs more than a thousand hackers with its special department called TAO (Tailored Access Operations).

According to the Washington Post articles about TAO cyber operations, the NSA installed an estimated 20,000 ‘implants’ in 2008. Its number increased by mid-2012 to 50,000 as the report informs.

Cyber operations are a part of NSA snooping program; it comes without saying that computer hacks give opportunities to obtain information that they need to get access to.

The NSA-presentation shows their CNE-operations in countries such as Venezuela and Brazil. The malware installed in these countries can remain active for years without being detected. “Sleeper cells” can be controlled remotely and be turned on and off at will.

The NSA declined to comment and referred to the US Government. A government spokesperson states that any disclosure of classified material is harmful to our national security.

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