Game Developers

The Austrian Indie game developers who also known as Broken Rules, have been dramatically robbed by hackers.

These are familiar to a public for its recent Wii U game Chasing Aurora, and a new crowdfunding project Secrets of Retikon. “The amount was significant but not huge – a few thousand dollars. Still, it’s the last thing you need during a crowdfunding campaign”, marketing man Martin Pichlmair said.

The developers admitted that hackers have logged a PayPal account and arrogated the funds to use it for purchase of 3 new PlayStation 4s.

The Broken Rules informed a servant about what happened whereas PayPal has frozen the charges to prevent further spending.

“Secrets of Retikon has a $40,000 campaign on Indiegogo and has raised $10,900 with three days to go – but it’s a Flexible Funding project, meaning Broken Rules gets to keep whatever money it makes, regardless of reaching its goal. Secrets of Retikon was a stylish exploration and puzzle game that we dug at GDC Europe this year”, they added.

However, “This does in fact feel like someone breaking into your house,” said Pichlmair. “It teaches us to use different passwords for different services from now on and so it should teach you and your readers.”



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