Anonymous hackers

Tomorrow, the Anonymous hacktivists attend Million mask march that took place at many places. Protesters wearing guy Fawkes masks attended the protest physically, but some of the Anonymous hacktivists were also over there who hacked websites to show unity of Anonymous group.

Have a look to the Million Mask March MAP:


Now, let’s see what Anonymous hacktivists hacked:

1. ┬áSeveral Phillipines Govt. websites hacked by Anonymous to say “Attend the Million Mask March”

2. Italian govt. website was also hacked by Anonymous hacker team “Anonghost:”

Hack list will be updated if we get more info on hacks. If you are from the hacker group and hacked websites for #Nov5 so you can mail us ([email protected])

Meanwhile you can checkout various pics of Million Mask March uploaded to twitter and other social media:

We also got a list of Various Events list of Million Mask March worldwide:

Click Here

If we missed any hacks, so you also mail us to inform.



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