Photo- Bill Gates (Co-Founder of Microsoft)

According to an Exclusive News by Reuters, Bill Gates might lose his seat of chairman from the software company ‘Microsoft’ which was co-founded by gates 38 years ago, this might happen because of three of the top 20 investors in the company.

Those three unnamed shareholders together own more than 5 percent share of Microsoft and they want the company’s board to press for Gates to step down as chairman of the company.

Reuters reported:

The three investors are concerned that Gates' presence on the board effectively blocks the adoption of new strategies and would limit the power of a new chief executive to make substantial changes. In particular, they point to Gates' role on the special committee searching for Ballmer's successor.
They are also worried that Gates - who spends most of his time on his philanthropic foundation - wields power out of proportion to his declining shareholding.

Right now, Gates is the company’s largest individual shareholder, he owns about 4.5 percent of the $277 billion company.

It was already announced in August that ‘Steve Ballmer’ the company chief executive would retire within a year and we would see a big change in Microsoft soon.




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