The NSA leaker Snowden got a job after three months of his shipment to Russia. He got the  job in a major Russian website, his lawyer said Thursday.

Edward Snowden will start working at a big Russian company on Friday, November 1. His job will be to support and develop a major Russian website,”lawyer said.

Asking upon the company’s name in which Snowden got job, lawyer didn’t disclose that, citing security concerns.

Speculation over Snowden’s new employer centred on the Russian equivalent of Facebook, Vkontakte, whose charismatic founder Pavel Durov publicly offered Snowden a post in August.

Right now two major Russian internet companies— and Mail.Ru Group said, “No, we didn’t hire Snowden.”

According to Snowden’s lawyer, he was running out of money that’ why he need a job.

A Latest pic of Snowden via

After the revelation of secret documents of NSA, he was on a year temporary asylum in Russia.

Snowden spent more than a month in a Moscow airport before receiving a year’s temporary asylum and heading to a secret address.

Snowden supporter website also has raised $49,000 in donations.



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