Latest leak by Edward Snowden reflects that Canada & U.S  spied on the Brazilian Energy Ministry. The documents leaked by Snowden explore—how the data reaped through spying was shared with international spy network the ‘Five Eyes.’

Who’s behind Five Eyes?

The Group Five Eyes includes— United States, Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Newly-released documents were handed over to Guardian Journalist Glenn Greenwald, that describes—how Canadian spy agency works like NSA.

“I was overwhelmed by the power of the tools used. The Ministry of Energy and Mines was totally dissected,” security expert Paulo Pagliusi told Fantastico (A Brazilian program), which first spotted the news.

That Brazilian program reported—In a meeting with the ‘Five Eyes’ network,  the Communications Security Establishment Canada (CSCE) presented that the target is Ministry of Mines and Energy of Brazil, according to the program the meeting was held in June of last year and Snowden was at this meeting.

In the meeting, program named ‘Olympia’ was discussed to breakthrough the Brazilian ministry’s encryption.

“They [Five Eyes] are sharing all the information, handing over documents to let other countries know exactly what they are doing,” said Glen Greenwald.

What’s inside Olympia?

For the Inside view of Ministry, the CSCE developed a detailed map of the institution’s communications and after that Olympia help them for:

  • Monitoring email and electronic communications
  • Eavesdropping on telephone conversations
  • Olympia also included that strategy—which was able to identify mobile numbers, SIM card registrations and the make of a phone.

Canada refused to comment on its Spy program, and Brazil’s Minister of Mines and Energy Edison Lobao told Fantastico that the reports were “serious” and should be condemned.

“Canada has interests in Brazil, especially in the mining sector. Does this spying serve the commercial interests of select groups? I cannot say,” observed Lobao.

One of the image from the presentation of CSCE:

Photo- One of the page from the presentation of CSCE—exploring how to reveal target’s handsets. VIA- Fantastico

VIA- RT | Fantastico



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