Right now Facebook stands at no.1 in social networking sites, but users also concern for their privacy and to take care for that many of the users have deleted their FB accounts.

According to a research—Earlier this year, approximately 9 million Facebook users in the US and 2 million people in the UK have deleted their accounts.

Analysis of more than 600 people, by researchers from the University of Vienna, found that data protection issues and social pressure to add friends were also among the reasons for leaving.

NSA fear also stated in the report by Brenda Wiederhold, editor of the journal Cyberpsychology, Behaviour and Social Networking which published the findings, she said:

‘Given high profile stories such as WikiLeaks and the recent NSA surveillance reports, individual citizens are becoming increasingly more wary of cyber-related privacy concerns.

Have a look to a report of “Reasons of quitting Facebook”

Privacy concerns48.3 %
General dissatisfaction13.5 %
Shallow conversations12.6 %
Fear of becoming addicted6 %
VIA- Statcounters/Eircom B&A Survey 2013

As Facebook quitters are increasing day-by-day, some of the Apps & websites already online to help them.  Apps such as the Suicide Machine and Seppukoo assist by automatically deleting private content, friends and pictures and making accounts inaccessible with password changes.

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