Github the most popular code repository site for open source projects seems to be down for some of the users, as a massive DDoS attack preventing site to work properly and it is confirmed on the status page of Github.

Below are the statuses of GitHub:

  • 10:28 UTCWe have mitigated the attack against and Gist. We’re going to keep our status at yellow until we can confirm all attacks have ceased.
  • 10:22 UTCWe have confirmed and Gist are both undergoing a large DDoS attack and are working to mitigate the attack.
  • 10:19 is currently unavailable.
  • 10:16 UTCWe are investigating problems reaching

You can find down, while accessing the site because of the DDoS attack.

The code repository is often targeted by cybercriminals so the company has developed a pretty efficient system for dealing with them. In most cases, the website is restored minutes after being shut down, a security writer in softpedia writes.

UPDATE: Everything is working fine now, GitHub tweeted from official status account




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