Yesterday, Google announced it has built a new kind of service name “Project Shield” which will help websites to stay online at the time of DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) strikes.

Google also launched a Digital Attack Map service created with a partnership with Arbor Networks—It will update website every hour with Anonymous attacks on the website from 270 Internet service providers. The ISPs will be counted as customers.

Google says:

Many websites face targeted digital attacks by people who aim to silence their speech. This tool and visualization specifically surfaces anonymous traffic data related to these attacks, letting people explore historic trends and see related news reports of outages happening on a given day.

Right now, Google seeking new websites to test this service as trusted testers. It is currently serving its services as “invite only,” but if you run a website related to news, human rights, or elections-related content, you can apply to participate in Project Shield.

“Once a website has been sent an invite to become a ‘trusted tester’, they will receive an invite to join the Page Speed Service trusted tester program and configuration instructions on how to use the service for DDoS mitigation,” Google said.

Why use Google Shield:

  • It will automatically speed up your website performance as it serves web pages to end users via Google server across the globe.

Some points to remember before using this service:

  • Service will be free during testing preiod and Google might charge for this in Future.
  • Google don’t take guarantee-This service will safe your website from DDoS everytime

Learn more about Digital Attack Maps:


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    Google’s new service will show Animated map of DDoS attacks


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