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INDIA: What could be remembered by a Five-Year-Old boy—what he ate last night/ what’s his name/ what’s his father’s name,  but a boy is also here, who have knowledge in his mind—like Google has in it’s database.

Five-years-old boy named ‘Kautilya’ have an extremely sharp knowledge of G.K, an Indian TV channel (INDIA TV) showed out—how he beats Internet/Google in knowledge.

Kautilya studies in Class One, right now he is living in Kharhar village in Jhajjar district (HARYANA.)

Kautilya learnt by rote info relating to geographical borders, planets in space, mineral resources, etc. in the last three months during this year’s summer holidays, says his grandfather Jaikishan Sharma, who taught his grandson.

India TV invited Kautilya on their TV show,  Where anchor, celebrities and other guests questioned him about geographical info like area, deserts, etc. of about various countries across the world—Kautilya answered most of them, with minor mistakes.

During a test by India TV, Kautilya answered 4 questions in 35 seconds, whereas, the anchor took 2:35 to find out answers of those 4 questions through Internet.

“Kautilya studies for two-and-a-half hours daily. Kautilya has a knack of probing things. He has an enviable knowledge of almost every field, including world geography, the states of India, their chief ministers, languages and religions. But he has a special expertise in the world map,” says Kautilya’s father.

State Government of Haryana rewarded Kautilya with Rs.10 lakh (approximate $1600).

Kautilya has appeared in many TV News shows, and has been invited to the “Kaun Banega Crorepati” (KBC) quiz programme on TV. Now-a-days Kautilya becoming popular with the name of “Google Boy.”
VIAIndia TV | NyDailyNews | Wikipedia



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