Latest documents provided by Snowden to Spanish daily The World, reflect—last year in Spain 60 million phone calls were intercepted by U.S Security Agency NSA.

The phone calls were intercepted during a single month, it calls NSA “The fastest spying machine”. In December 2012, NSA collected data on roughly 60 million phone calls, according to the information provided by Snowden.

The last NSA scandal was also a shocking one, when Germany’s Der Spiegel reported “Washington was directly snooping on least 35 world leaders. ”

Last week, it was also revealed by the same German source that German Chancellor Angela Merkel has reportedly been on the spy-list since 2002. After an investigation further, it was also reported by Spiegel—Obama was aware of the particular operation since at least 2010 and even ordered the NSA to prepare a comprehensive dossier on Merkel.

On Merkel’s spying explanation, NSA rejected the reports and said, a discussion of such an operation never took place. President Obama himself personally assured Merkel he didn’t know anything about the spying on her – and that he would have stopped it if he had.



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