After the leak of Edward Snowden (The NSA Leaker) that American and Canadian agencies spied on Brazilian Energy Ministry—it is announced by Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff that her country is developing its own secure mail system to shield their official communications from U.S spying.

“We need more security on our messages to prevent possible espionage,” Rousseff said on Twitter, ordering the Federal Data Processing Service, or SERPRO, to implement a safe email system throughout the federal government.

Rousseff also said—”This is the first step toward extending the privacy and inviolability of official posts.”

Brazillian Energy Ministry spying news was first spotted by a Brazilian program Fantastico, which showed documents revealed by Snowden—reflects how the Group Five Eyes (United States, Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand) met in a meeting, where a program named ‘Olympia’ was discussed to breakthrough the Brazilian ministry’s encryption.

One of the slide from the presentation—Determine IPs my target communicates with:

In August, Indian govt. also have been said bye-bye to gmail to secure their official communications and that was also the effect of Snowden leak which compelled Indian govt. to leave gmail services.



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