Photo- Screenshot of Forum’s hack | VIA- Softpedia

Popular Bitcoin discussion forum ‘’ has been hacked by a group calling themselves “The Hole Seekers,” right now the website has been taken down as per the security issue.

The hack took place on Wednesday, users visited the site—presented with an animated page that played music while displaying rockets, and explosions.

According to the administrator of the site Theymos, the site will remain off-line until the hack is investigated.

“There’s a good chance that the attacker(s) could have executed arbitrary PHP code and therefore could have accessed the database, but I’m not sure yet how difficult this would be,” Theymos noted on Reddit.

“The attacker injected some code into $modSettings[‘news’] (the news at the top of pages). Updating news is normally logged, but this action was not logged, so the update was probably done in some roundabout way, not by compromising an admin account or otherwise ‘legitimately’ making the change,” Theymos explained.

As per the security issue, Theymos also advised users to change their passwords.

Also checkout the website, when it was hacked:



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