Apple’s iPhone 5s Fingerprint technology heat is still up among the hackers, to hack it. Well, the technology has been already hacked by German hackers group CCC and cat paws’s also bypassed the Touch ID.

Now, a German security firm SRL said, an image of a fingerprint can successfully unlock the phone and owner’s email address & it’s password could be hacked too from an iPhone 5S.

“Users leave copies of their fingerprints everywhere; including on the devices they protect. Fingerprints are not fit for secure local user authentication as long as spoofs (‘fake fingers’) can be produced from these pervasive copies,” SLR said in a blogpost.

SRL’s “Operation iPhone” step-by-step:

1. First, a hacker or thief would turn on the Airplane mode that disables all wireless connections, preventing the iPhone’s owner from doing a remote wipe. (Airplane mode could be disable without Fingerprint, if the phone is setup under default settings)

2. Now, it’s time to create a fake fingerprint on a laminated sheet and later attached to one of their fingers, SRL’s showed out the method to create a fake fingerprint in the video below:

After unlocking the Phone, the hacker would be able to access owner’s Apple account (If two-factor authentication hasn’t been turned on,) after that Hacker would be able to see the iPhone 5S’s owner’s email address and reset the password to take over the account. However, if the owner already performed a remote wipe, this wouldn’t be possible.

Apple Touch ID in the News:




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