The most controversial website of this year, which is an official website of US security Agency NSA has been taken down by one and only Anonymous hackers via dose of ddos.

Media websites reporting about the downtime of the website from yesterday and today also at the time of reporting the news, website is still down, we also took a screenshot while checking the website for its downtime:

Anonymous also took responsibility from various twitter accounts:



An NSA spokesperson told ABC News the agency’s internal network was “not at all” compromised and no classified information was in danger. The NSA spokesperson declined to comment on what may have brought down the website, citing an ongoing probe.

In addition to the DDoS, hackers also exploited  with a 0day in order to gain login credentials for their server.

NSA in the news:

Edward Snowden to take place in the the rally against Mass Surveillance this saturday, will you?

NSA hacked Email of Mexican president and top leaders



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