Yesterday, Adobe suffered from a massive security breach in which three million customers were affected—their IDs, passwords, and credit card information accessed by hackers.

A security bulletin by Adobe reads:

Our investigation currently indicates that the attackers accessed Adobe customer IDs and encrypted passwords on our systems. We also believe the attackers removed from our systems certain information relating to 2.9 million Adobe customers, including customer names, encrypted credit or debit card numbers, expiration dates, and other information relating to customer orders. At this time, we do not believe the attackers removed decrypted credit or debit card numbers from our systems.

Along with the confidential information of the customers—source code for numerous Adobe products were also accessed.

Adobe said, it would change the “relevant customer passwords” as a precaution, it will also notify affected customers through E-mail to change their passwords. Adobe also stated—”Users who use same passwords on other sites as they use on Adobe, also change their passwords as well.”

One more important notification from Adobe also came out—whose credit or debit card information was compromised would be offered a year’s membership in a credit monitoring service courtesy of Adobe.

Security researcher, ‘Krebs’ wrote about the product whose source code was accessed—”ColdFusion Web application platform and possibly [the] Acrobat family of products” were among those affected.

Adobe informed federal law enforcement authorities about this breach as well as its banking and payment processing partners.

As we said above, Those customers whose credit or debit cards information exposed would be offered a year’s membership in a credit monitoring service courtesy of Adobe—Is This A Reliable Step??, we want to hear from you, leave a comment.



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