VIA- Daily Mail

This news is about the smallest teen hacker we ever reported. Twelve-year-Old hacker from Canada admitted “He hacked government and police websites for an Anonymous operation that took place last year.

According to the information we got from Googling is, he took part in hacking of several govt. websites that include:

  • Website of the Quebec Institute of Public Health
  • Website of the Montreal police
  • Website of a government organization from Chile.

Small teen hacks caused damage of around $60,000 (€41,700).

The Grade 5 student from the Montreal suburb of Notre-Dame- de-Grâce, whose actions were not politically motivated, traded pirated information to Anonymous for video games, court was told.

Teen used DDoS attacks to take down websites, defaced websites, and leaked data from their servers, according to the authorities.

He has pleaded guilty of what he did, other fellows of hacks have been arrested, but the 12-year-boy was the one who taught others—how to penetrate websites.



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