Wikileaks server was at auction on eBay and has ended with a closing bid of more than $30,000 but you know a Teen was bidding on the equipment  during the ten-day auction period.

Unfortunately, he will not receive his goods because he was bidding from his Father’s eBay account, Teen bid eight times during the ten-day auction period, starting at $10,200 and eventually winning the auction with a final bid of $33,000.

After withheld’s dad came to know about this matter, he was “speechless”.(Wired Reports)

Teen’s dad says “My son is 17 years old and is crazy about conspiracy theory,”

Bahnhof, the Swedish internet firm that hosted WikiLeaks at the time of the 2010 leak, sold the Dell server in an online auction on eBay. Bahnhof Chief Executive Jon Karlung said all of the data had been erased from the equipment, which he described as a “relic of our time,” and it includes a signature of the WikiLeaks founder.

We can of course prove to the buyer that the server was indeed WikiLeaks’,” Karlung wrote in the product description. “We have the signature of Julian Assange on the hosting contract, where the ID of this particular server is noted. As CEO I talked to him myself a couple times when he called to inquire about our servers.”

Wikileaks used that server one time to host sensitive data, when it disclosed documents related to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq in 2010.

‘The way it looks now, it looks as though the disputed Dell will go to the auction’s runner-up, who bid $32,900 – provided, of course, that nothing turns out to be fishy with that bid, as well.’, The Register writes.

In an email interview, the forlorn winner said that he was “speechless” when he learned about his son’s purchase. But they haven’t had time to talk yet. “A more serious conversation will be tomorrow,” he said.

VIART| The Register | Wired



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