Photo- Inside Belgacom Office

The largest telecommunications company in Belgium ‘Belgacom‘ was under a cyber-attack, according to the company press release they found a piece of Malware on a number of internal IT systems.

Right now, Belgacom has taken all the appropriate action to remove that virus. Company also called an Investigation on it.

“There is no indication of any impact on the customers or their data. At no point in time has the delivery of our telecommunication services been compromised.” company writes.

Company also stated that, “They have filed a complaint against an unknown third party and is granting its full support to the investigation that is being performed by the Federal Prosecutor.”

Belgium’s Federal Prosecutor told De Standaard that the attack was highly sophisticated. In fact, it appears to be the work of a state-sponsored entity.

It is also being reported by some of the websites that, “According to the complexity of the malware, it appears to be the work of a state-sponsored entity. Belgacom which handles some of the undersea cables that carry voice and data traffic around the world, so the NSA or Britain’s GCHQ could be behind the intrusion.”

What was the main motive of that sophisticated malware?

The malware used in the Belgacom hack is designed to collect strategic information, not to cause damage. The publication’s sources have revealed that sophisticated malware has been hosted on Belgacom’s servers since 2011.

One more thing you must know-the hackers could reportedly intercept telephone and Web data from countries such as Syria and Yemen.

There is not any proof that could tell about the involvement of NSA or Britain’s GCHQ in this matter, but this is a sensitive attack on Belgium.



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