A Famous hackers group named “Anonghost” announced to launch Cyber Attack on Israel, they named this cyber operation (#OpIsrael Reborn). A special fact in this OP is it’s date as hackers scheduled #OpIsrael reborn on 9/11/2013, it is the date when two hijacked Airplanes hit World Trade Center.

In the past, the same hackers group also launched #OpIsrael, #OpUSA and #OpIsrael-Reloaded. After a look on their cyber operations which are mainly targeting USA and Israel, we asked them about the reason, they replied:

USA & Israel united against Muslims

They also wrote “this Operation is only for Israel not for U.S” but “we will attack on U.S” this is a rumor┬áby anonymous arab kidz, they also cleared if other group attack U.S then Anonghost will help them.

CyberWarZone posted a list of websites which is going to be attacked during this OP but Anonghost said “we don’t have any target, we will attack everyone“.

They also released an Official video on Youtube regarding #OpIsrael Reborn:

According to a Security site, 165000 Israeli emails, thousands of websites and credit cards have been hacked  till now.

Well 9/11 is not so far, we will keep you updated with every news regarding #OpIsrael Reborn.



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