EHC Technical Services” Launches Technical support in USA and Canada. EHC Technical Services provides.

“This company has been formulated to provide technical support for all computer technical support needs. Our Services will include Technical support for computer and peripheral devices. We promise to keep our prices fluid for home users. We have been researching on technical support market for 2 years and found that on an average a US citizen spends about $200 annually on computer problems. Considering this in mind we have formulated annual Technical support and maintenance plan for $169.99 for one computer annually and for more than one computer in house-hold it will be $249.99 and will be called as EHC Home plan. I am also Glad to announce a $50 discount on Annual plan to first 1000 customers for annual plan and $80 discount for customer purchasing home plan. I am further Glad to announce EHC one time fix plan, this will cover one incident of support and will fix all computer problems. We have also planned to introduce our services in UK and Australia in first quarter of 2014.”

With a word with EHC’s president he stated that “EHC is dedicated to serve the need of all customers. EHC is one stop shop for all computer technical support needs.”

Considering the words of CEO and president we think that EHC will be a wonderful company and will deliver its commitments. EHC will also be providing various other options for your computer technical support needs. EHC will also take care of all virus issues and other software issues.

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