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It is revealed by US Officials that Iranian hackers were able to tap into a “network that is used for e-mail and the service’s internal intranet.”

According to WSJ, The U.S. officials said the attacks were carried out by hackers working for Iran’s government or by a group acting with the approval of Iranian leaders.

The network where Iranian hackers attacked is classified and US officials believe—there was not such confidential information, but these hacks remembering the days, when Iran hacked oil, gas and power companies while the US of course launched Stuxnet on Iran.

From now, Navy has upgraded their systems to avoid the future attacks. The WSJ reports:

The system penetrated, the Navy Marine Corps Internet, makes up the majority of the Navy's unclassified computer system and contains the email accounts for officials as senior as the secretary of the Navy, the chief of naval operations and commandant of the Marine Corps.

Officials said that none of the information was hacked, but hackers gained access to a portion of the system that would have allowed them to change the configuration of the network.

For a detailed report, you can follow WSJ.

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