A few days ago, an Exploit writer with the username “fil9″ on Inj3ct0r, an exploit database advertised for a zero-day vulnerability in Firefox for Android and it is still available on the site.

According to Malware Bytes, who first spotted this, The author, “fil9″, was just registered to the site last month, and claims the exploit works on Firefox versions 23/24/26(Nightly) for Android.

Have a look to the advertisement:

Malware Bytes also explored what that exploit can do, they write:

The exploit forces the mobile browser to download and execute a (possibly) malicious app. In his video, fil9 shows the exploit in action, downloading and installing what appears to be an update for Firefox. However, when the “update” is executed automatically, viewers can see the potential for malicious code to be inserted.

Blog also explained that the biggest problem in Firefox is, it automatically executes certain known files once they’re downloaded, and also don’t have any option to disable this. Without some sort of prompt, users have no idea that an external app has just been executed.

The exploit can be used in social engineering tricks, phihsing, it is one of the trick used by hackers to make you fool and get your confidential information, such as your online passwords, bank account or credit cards details.

How you can get rid of this Exploit:

  • First of all, unistall Firefox from your android phone until it patched.
  • In your application settings, have a look of the option ‘Unknown Resources’, if it is checked then remove it’s check now:



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