Google introduces an advanced search Algorithm called ‘Hummingbird’ before one day of company’s birthday. The new algorithm affects 90% of all searches, and has been in place for about a month, said Amit Singhal, senior VP at Google.

Google’s latest algorithm ‘Hummingbird’ is meant to keep up with longer, more advanced search queries that come through Google. Hummingbird is meant to controls the answers we get to queries on its search engine in a bid to make them work better for longer, more complex questions.

Hummingbird is the company’s most significant algorithm change since Google switched to “Caffeine” back in 2010, said Singhal.

Some of the advanced voice queries showed by Google—in which you will be answered back by your computer. Singhal said ‘Voice will be fundamental to building future interactions with the devices [we use.]’

You can also Google to compare two items, generate a list of songs from a particular artist, or pull statistics about the Eiffel Tower and receive a voice response.

You should not be spending your time searching, you should be spending your time living, said singhal.

You’ve got questions. Voice search has answers—How is the weather this weekend? How much is $100 in Euros? With voice search, you can hear your answer loud and clear.

Updated version of Google search for iOS also announced, which is coming “soon,” said Tamar Yehoshua, VP of search for Google.

VIA- Mashable | Google



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