Photo- Chinese users using internet | VIA- theepochtimes

CHINA: To EncourageĀ international business in the new Shanghai free-trade zone, The Chinese government to lift the ban on social media websites like Facebook, twitter. News websites like New York Times will also be allowed, South China Morning Post reported.

Aside from granting access to these services through the country’s nationwide Internet filter, known popularly as the Great Firewall of China, there’s another new first: foreign telecommunication companies can now bid for licenses to provide Internet services within the zone.

SCMP sources said:

The mainlandā€™s three biggest telecommunications companies China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom, which are all state-owned enterprises, have already been informed of the decision to allow foreign companies to compete with them for business in the free-trade zone in Shanghai, said the sources.

Currently, visitors in China can already access social media websites if they have a roaming SIM of overseas.

You can follow a detailed report by SCMP.



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