Exclusive: Apple admits, 'iPhone 5s Fingerprint Database To Be Shared With NSA'
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Exclusive: Apple admits, ‘iPhone 5s Fingerprint Database To Be Shared With NSA’

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Now-a-days, Apple is famous in the markets because its new iPhone 5S has a Fingerprint Sensor (Touch ID) as a security feature—everyone is getting amazed with that feature and eager to use.

That Fingerprint scanner has been hacked already by German Hackers group ‘CCC’ but one more thing to concern about that—’will Apple share that Fingerprint database with NSA’ and the answer is YES.

Tim Richardson, District Manager of Apple’s North America Marketing Department admits about the sharing of Database with NSA, he said to Jane M. Agni (A freelance writer in nationalreport.net.):

Absolutely the databases will be merged. This whole ‘fingerprint scan’ idea originated from someone in our Government. They just didn't expect to be outed by Snowden, you know.”

NSA and FBI have been compiling a special database for over a year now to use with the new Apple technology. Fingerprints from all over the nation. Cold cases. Fugitives of the law. Missing persons, Richardson added.

When Mr. Richardson asked for a response to individual’s concerns about privacy, he told:

“Frankly, if a person is foolish enough to allow something as specific and criminally implicit as their fingerprints to be cataloged by faceless corporations and Government officials… Well, you can’t exactly blame us for capitalizing upon it, can you? Personally, I believe this effort will support a greater good. Some of the folks they’re hoping to apprehend are quite dangerous. Besides, it’s not like this is covered in the Constitution.”

If we talk about the constitution as Richardson added above, Apple and the NSA may be completely within their rights to use information volunteered by its customers but it is a Bitter Truth for some of the users.

One of the user told Jane—That’s not America and that’s not freedom…” but the user also stated, “I’m old. I’m not good at remembering passwords.” “I like the idea of easily being able to unlock my Apple device with a fingerprint. But I also shouldn’t have to worry about being tied to a string of murders I commuted in the 70′s…

We also want to hear from you on this new technology discovered by Apple, comment below.

Update: The Source (National Report) is said to be a Parody site and the news they published is a rumor, that’s why we want to inform to all the users, “This News is awaiting confirmation”

VIA- National Report

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  • K

    This technology isn’t new nor did Apple discover it. Motorolla first introduced a fingerprint scanner on the Atrix 4G phones back in early 2011.

    • Bionic Merlin

      My nephew used to have a Sony Vaio Windows XP laptop with a fingerprint reader to log on, back before there were Android phones.

  • Merk

    Sorry for saying this but, did you understand what kind of news http://nationalreport.net/ releases? I read it sometimes, their news are bullshit or satire… I’m not sure that is a good reliable source for real journalism, is it?

    • Pravda01

      …any Apple stupid user is a bullshit satire. Makes me love – if people pay for ads and for their own surveillance. Apple user=I-diot.

      • The Tourer

        What if I told you that your dogmatic view makes you sound even more stupid?

        Because you do. It must suck to be that ignorant, doesn’t it? Or do you not even know? I suppose ignorance is bliss, isn’t it…

        • Tyrell_Corp

          Ignore the anti-semite. I estimate 2 hours max before he chokes to death on his own bile.

          • The Tourer

            Just looked at his comment history… some people shouldn’t be allowed to internet.

          • Dan

            Yes! You!

      • Merk

        I was not talking about whether or not Apple is going to share the fingerprints database with NSA, I’m just saying that if you wanna argue that, you have to find better sources than that bullshit site. Period.

  • Michael DeMutis

    The fingerprint will be stored on the chip on the phone and there is no way to download the fingerprint. It is just going to be used to match the fingerprint to the one stored earlier. They say the chip has no function to spit out the saved fingerprint.

    • JoeD

      “They say the chip has no function to spit out the saved fingerprint.”

      Then how would the program use the stored data to compare prints if the stored data can’t be accessed?

      • ceedan

        Easily, you send it a hash and it returns true or false….. duh?

        • Pravda01

          We used fingerprint technology in the 90’s and it turned out to be rubbish.

          …only the Apple stupid crowd buys and uses Apple devices.

          • The Tourer

            Because clearly it’s still the 90s and nothing has changed technologically, right?

            Do everyone on the internet a favor and silence yourself.

    • Pravda01

      You believe this? I’m using a simple net scanner to get all the information of my neighbors I-Phones.

    • MGT

      Ignorant.. there’s nothing safe anymore.. if it’s plugable and transmits information.. it can be snooped.

  • Scott Bakula the Back Dracula

    This is dumb. I can’t believe how dumb this is. People will read this article and walk away with dumb information.

    Your citations are from an onion-style news website.
    Do just like 30 seconds of research before you publish an article.

    Again, Dumb

    • faloc

      buying apple devices is dumb too

      • BeforeOld

        Sounds like you’re just angry you can’t afford one.

        • kono

          you’re a fucking idiot

          • BeforeOld

            Butthurt #1

          • kono

            lolwut? yes im butthurt because my phone costs a few hundred dollars more than the iphone and functions in ways in which iphone never has and never will be able to match. so sad :(

          • BeforeOld

            ” my phone costs a few hundred dollars more than the iphone”

            False. No cellular phone costs more than a 64GB iPhone 5S. Your claim that your phone costs several hundreds more than an iPhone is false.

            Source: I sell Android and iOS devices for one of the major carriers in Canada

            Edit: Even if your phone did cost more (which it doesn’t), it doesn’t perform as well at the iPhone 5S.

          • kono

            butthurt fanboy? methinks yes. and yes, my android does perform better than your iphone. good luck in canada! no wonder you’re a bitter little fuck.
            p.s. 64gb 5s is 399 here. mine was 650. go fuck a moose.

          • BeforeOld

            You’re comparing the on contract price with the off contract price. A 64GB iPhone 5S costs $919 + tax. No Android phone is that expensive. And no, your phone doesn’t perform better than my iPhone 5S does. I have benchmarks and review sites that can back me up. Must suck to have your quad core CPU crushed by a 64 bit enabled dual core CPU :'(

          • faloc

            64bit enable on shite hardware that is…. wait until ur phone explode in ur pocket.

            64bit in a phone, u dont need that!

            Though some Galaxy S4 has 8 core cpus in them… well the ones that are being sold in South Korea.

            http://phone-news-today.com/archives/4148 here u go that beats the iphone’s price doesnt it and probably beats the performance as well. Go fuck a deer!

          • no fighting

            Yeah, one of Vertu’s first phones ever introduced was a less equipped Nokia xx60 series that sold at Neiman Marcus for just over $12,000. Why is it cool to have your phone cost more that someone else’s, anyway? That seems like a stupid competition to me. Vertu’s phones are not considered cutting edge. They are only designed to look cool. Wouldn’t a sensible person prefer to have all the features that were available in the marketplace and get them for the same or less than anyone else? I’m considering either a new iPhone or an Android. I’m not interested in price comparisions. Could someone please name the specific features iPhone and Android have that the other does not? So far, everything thing I’ve read and researched suggest they are pretty even. I know iPhone is the first with the fingerprint scan, but I’m not aware of other exclusive features. Also, what does Android do that iPhone does not.Other than gaze recognition, I’m not aware of anything. Please inform me. They both seem pretty great to me.

          • kono

            … i don’t even.. wow

          • faloc

            ever noticed how prolonged iPhone users / owners become the most annoying assholes in the world? They think they’re better than other people because they have one or is a fan of Apple. But bare in mind that they are weak minded!

          • kono

            they must not realize that i can mod my android to the point where their fanboy imagination can’t even comprehend

          • faloc

            pffft… iphone 5S performs well? did u just say that? Even my ass performs better than an iphone 5S
            But indeed its expensive, but expensive for what reason? none actually! It’s produced at a cost of $200 in China, everything on it is made in China, including that glass that breaks if u simply drop it at 0.5m height! Nothing performs better than a Galaxy S4 atm!

            You utter macfag, u deserve to get fish slapped in the face my good sir!

          • The Dude.

            “I sell android in Canada”

            You live in Canada. That sucks.

          • James Gaither

            Your a friggen idiot!

          • Butthurtagain

            Iphones are so slow lol my S3 is faster than the 5S haha.. but having an Iphone makes you cool, especially in a new color, that will be covered up by a case anyway. Never base anything off of advertising and always do your research if you care at all.

          • James Gaither

            Mine actually cost a few dollars more than the Iphone cs5. But mine will do more than any Iphone will ever do and do it better!

        • Jeremy Hodder

          yea i gotta agree with kono, complete fucktard is what you are..

          • BeforeOld

            Butthurt #2

        • faloc

          well too bad Im not an idiotic fanboy as u are…fyi I hate Apple for a good reason

          • whyUSoAngry

            And your reason is…?

          • BeforeOld

            Butthurt #3

          • faloc

            nope, cause fuck you, that’s why!

          • BeforeOld

            Poor kids :( Mommy and Daddy can’t afford to buy them iPhones so they try and trash them. You sound like the fox and his sour grapes.

          • faloc

            wow you’ve just gone worse, no one here likes your attitude….my parents r not dumb enough to buy one either -.-

            fyi I dont live at home -.-

            Verrekte mongool…

          • Bob


          • faloc

            a bit late to reply eh? it was 7 months ago… I can’t even remember what it was about

        • faloc

          I can afford one but I’m just not stupid enough to buy one.

          Have fun with the NSA or CIA!

          • no fighting

            What are you so mad about? Seriously. No one did anything to you. Everyone here is posting below a false story, and people are mad? Please explain the tension.

          • Tommy T.

            You call people fanboys, but you are all exactly the same. All you people who arguing over “my phone is better than yours,” makes you by definition a fanboy of a phone. You are exactly the same besides picking a different product. Jeeze. Don’t you remember what cellphones were like in 2000, like the Nokia 5110? These are all handheld computers man, chill out. You are all basically arguing that a you own a Lamborghini Aventador and its so much better that the Ferrari 458 that someone else owns.

        • James Gaither

          Why would anyone want one? They have half the functionality and cost twice as much? Not to mention that they pay Chinese children ranging from 9 to 14, $9.38 a week to make their parts and rape the ecological environment for precious resources to make their stupid retina display’s. They actually pay our gov and the gov of 2 other countries to rape their resources illegally! Do your homework idiots and get an android!

          • BeforeOld

            Listen buddy, maybe you should do your homework. Then your grammar and punctuation would be better. If I gave a fuck about the wage of the workers making my iPhone, I’d write to Apple instead of commenting on how stupid you are. Half the functionality? Jesus Christ. Even you know this is a horribly inaccurate statement, especially since Android as a whole is based off iOS. As for the rest of it…blah blah blah rape our resources…blah blah blah…other garbage that you think other companies don’t…blah blah blah…no mention of how most Android manufacturers artificially increase their benchmarking scores and still can’t beat my 5S…etc.

            Stop posting. Maybe stop breathing entirely. You’d be doing humanity a great service either way.

          • James Gaither

            Beforeold, I can see that you are simply an ignorant and very uninformed person. It must be difficult being so fing stupid. Keep playing with your Iphone, you fing sheep.

          • Tommy T.

            If you think that the companies that make andriod phones are not the same as apple concerning environmental impact and workforce then you are dreaming. All smartphones use rare earth minerals that are mined in terrible conditions in third world countries. You can like you phone and that’s great, but touting android phones over iphones because of the environmental/humanitarian aspects is ludicrous.

          • AlteredAnon

            You are aware studies have shown that anyone who starts off a statement with a personal attack are actually very depressed individuals. Regardless as a programmer I can promise you that Android is in no way based off iOS. They both are unix/linux based mobile operating systems. Main difference is Android acknowledges its open source roots and allows viewing of its source code while Apple does not. Im sorry I wont use something I cant see how it works. P.S. maybe your should give a fuck, your the problem with the world stop being an immoral greedy asshole. Notice I finished with the personal attack.

        • pooooo

          Yeah because people who buy android phones that cost just as much as the iphone are upset they can’t afford to pay the exact same amount for an inferior product.

      • john

        this is the saddest discussion i have ever seen on the internet, and i’ve seen some sad ones. go grow up you mindless idiots. do something for another person

    • Jyioh

      You are dumb if you think the fingerprint scanner is there just for ‘security’

      I can’t believe people are actually gonna buy this phone

      • DEFCON 2

        @Jyioh I’m with you.
        If they tell the yuppies it’s trendy and cool they will line up to stick line their heads in a wood chipper.
        MOLON LABE
        Sic semper evello mortem Tyrannis!

        • DEFCON 2

          Sory miss typed, Here is the correct version.
          @Jyioh I’m with you.
          If they tell the yuppies it’s trendy and cool they will line up to stick their heads in a wood chipper.
          MOLON LABE
          Sic semper evello mortem Tyrannis!

    • Scott is in denial

      You’re a moron, this isn’t a parody or satire website.

      Also, you guys remember that apple commercial from the 80s that compared other computer companies to George Orwell’s 1984? Isn’t it ironic?

      Enjoy your iFail.

      • MrProsser

        It is satire. Look at the other articles by the author. Did you see this line in the story?

        “I’m old. I’m not good at remembering passwords.” Said one Apple user we spoke with. “I like the idea of easily being able to unlock my Apple device with a fingerprint. But I also shouldn’t have to worry about being tied to a string of murders I commuted in the 70′s… That’s not America and that’s not freedom…”

        The person they interview admits to a string of murders, which is the reason they do not like the fingerprint technology. The over the top line about freedom seals the deal.

        • AlteredAnon

          It may be satire, but entirely false wouldn’t be true.

      • whyUSoAngry

        This guys tag says it all..

      • Tommy T.

        Wow man, check the edit at the end of the article. Well done.

    • James Gaither

      You my good sir “Fucking Idiot” are in fact a friggen idiot!

  • April

    It doesn’t actually store your fingerprint, it stores a hash of your fingerprint on the chip in your phone. This is a bs article.

    • Njaa

      This is parody, but even if it weren’t a hashed fingerprint wouldn’t matter. They could just reveal the hashing algorithm to the NSA, and it would still be immensely useful.

  • http://djkento.com/ Kento

    You guys actually sourced a parody news site and stirred up shit. This is why not everyone should be allowed to be a journalist. Go to school, read full articles and do your research. You guys look like idiots.

    • Pravda01

      Let me guess – stupid Apple lover?

      • Jouva

        FYI I hate apple, but nationalreport.net is a parody news site. But it was probably believed because it’s not a popular one and many parody sites don’t spill out that they are such a site. So when they post stories that seem partially credible, they get believed and this shit happens.

    • Flrock

      While your point is valid, everyone should still have the rights to allow themselves freedom of the press. It is no secret that “legitimate” news sources have spewed lies and deceit. I applaud them for at least making readers aware of very possible scenarios, as well as giving a topic to cross reference.

      • The Tourer

        Sure this is freedom of the press, but it’s also horrifyingly irresponsible journalism and the authors don’t deserve to be writing anything for anyone to see. At all. Ever.

      • ortizgames

        Their source is a parody site which makes up news. None of the above is true but they are reporting it as such. This is horrendously irresponsible and bad reporting. This is not debatable.

      • MrProsser

        If this article said it was satire but raised some good points it would be one thing. But it does not, it reported the article as truth and it is obvious that many, many people are buying it as is. It is irresponsible and it is extremely bad journalism. It is no different than the many cases around the world of journalists writing stories based on articles from The Onion. People who do this should be embarrassed and owe up to it and take responsibility.

      • MrProsser

        Freedom of the press does not mean freedom from criticism. Anyone that purports to be a news provider has to accept criticism when they print something that is false. Those with some integrity will actually admit they made a mistake, and ideally change their practices, do some fact checking before spouting off and spreading misinformation. This article has been shared 50 000 times on Facebook, many of those have likely uncritically accepted it as true, as have their friends. Making people aware through a lie is not helpful.

    • yacob mhshkls

      “Not everyone should be allowed to be a journalist.”

      Hey Feinstein, whatcha doin’ on this part of the net?

    • philip

      So what your saying is free speech should be a privlage only for the worthy?
      lol sad

      • RedAngelZoe

        No, free speech is a given right – but any true journalist should respect their integrity and always quote their sources, and notify their readers if they reliability of the source is in question. Boils down to this – writers like this are no better than the idiots on capitol hill, spreading lies while displaying them as truth for their own selfish satisfaction and personal gain.

  • Pravda01

    We stopped to use US based services, or US based or designed Soft- or Hardware.

    The future will be a hard sell for US companies.

  • Fred
  • ronwild

    Nothing would surprise me anymore. The lines between big corporations and government are way to blurred to separate effectively. If every one just bought a cheap, ‘pay-as-go’ phone and used it only for necessities. A month of that may cripple thier scheme, but it will not happen as people are just too attached to their phone and its kudos.

  • Guest

    welcome to the jeuu world order

  • Doc

    Although the article is sourced from erroneous data and bogus, it raises a good point, how many ppl will read this and walk away believing it…The same is true on a larger scale, with mainstream media. As for those saying it’s not freedom of press, and the source is completely fabricated etc. So were the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq…That resulted in a US led 10 yr invasion..this is just for entertainment and you’re all up in arms since ppl will get the wrong impression about a stupid phone and the government spying on them. Hahahaha.

  • dickhead

    If you believe a word from this article you have got to be the biggest dumbass to access the internet.

  • Brad

    This couldnt me more far from the the truth

  • Nicole Smith

    It shouldn’t matter…if you’re not guilty in the first place and aren’t a criminal or terrorist, why are you worried about it at all?

  • philip

    The NSA whistle blower already leaked documents that show the NSA has been collecting data from everyone. What makes you guys so sure there not using this tech for the same reason? With enough money im sure apple would gladly hand over our prints just like they do with everything else

  • Hussain

    I will never move back to Apple. Thanks Android.

  • Pete Sysko

    If Monsanto can patent a GMO Seed then that means biological information is intellectual property therefore it is worth examining how the NSA and Apple are NOT within their constitutional rights to be using YOUR intellectual property (your uniquely owned biometric patterns), EVEN IF you may unwittingly agree to any clause in a terms of service contract. (Illegal [unconstitutional] activity would automatically void that part of the contract) If the courts were be prudent, they should at the supreme level to bind your exclusive biometric data as individually owned PROPERTY , which is also protected with our 4th amendment rights to be secure in our PERSONS and Property. And since Apple is making money from the NSA from it, all users of this feature deserve royalties from that revenue.

  • dft
  • Mario Meyer

    This article 8 is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo untrue, clicking on this link probably gave your PC a virus

  • MrProsser

    I am not sure why so many people get so angry at people pointing out the source is satire. Would you prefer accurate news, or lies that tell you what you want to hear? Pointing out that the source is crap does not mean that the person loves Apple, or thinks it is beyond the realm of possibility that the NSA would do such a thing, but it is about having some standards when it comes to the evidence you are willing to accept and spread around. This story has currently been tweeted nearly 1200 times and liked 20k times on Facebook. It is spreading misinformation and people that are concerned about lies being spread by government agencies and companies should also be concerned about lies on their own side. Does it help the cause of making people aware of government intrusion when they find out a few days later that the story was made up and spread by credulous people? Have some standards, check sources, and actually read the original article. I mean, how could anyone read this quote:

    “I’m old. I’m not good at remembering passwords.” Said one Apple user we spoke with. “I like the idea of easily being able to unlock my Apple device with a fingerprint. But I also shouldn’t have to worry about being tied to a string of murders I commuted in the 70′s… That’s not America and that’s not freedom…”

    and not wonder if it might be satirical. Saying it is true anyway and ignoring the fact that the story is false simply looks bad. It is intellectually lazy.

    • MrProsser

      I mean, seriously, as I sat here writing the previous comment another comment was made that simply bought the story as presented, hook line and sinker. In addition, an update was made to the article.

      “The Source (National Report) is said to be a Parody site and the news they published is a rumor, that’s why we want to inform to all the users, “This News is awaiting confirmation”

      This is a cop out. It is not a rumour, it is satire, it is made up using a grain of truth and plausibility in order to ridicule Apple and NSA behaviour. But the story is still made up. This update does not own up to the fact that incorrect information was posted. There is not going to be any confirmation of the story, at least not of those quotes and the evidence provided. Other sources might eventually show it to be true but it will have nothing to do with the above story.

  • NRAMember&FriendOfFreedom.

    Glad I never trusted apple.

  • dweeb

    Dumb Apple fans Even if there is no mutual agreement Apple has been cracked by the man on the street just 30mins after its launch so what still about NSA, Only BlackBerry is NSA proof.

  • infinine

    write a code to block fingerprint scanner communication with nsa and apple databases?

  • Andrew Verrijdt

    Pretty sure ‘national report’ is a fake news site.

    I mean they have articles about the possibility of putting riverboat casinos on Mars.

    • MrProsser

      It is obvious most have not even read the article. Anyone that read this part:

      “I’m old. I’m not good at remembering passwords.” Said one Apple user we spoke with. “I like the idea of easily being able to unlock my Apple device with a fingerprint. But I also shouldn’t have to worry about being tied to a string of murders I commuted in the 70′s… That’s not America and that’s not freedom…”

      and does not see satire confounds me. But yes, one look at the other articles, and the other articles by this author should make it clear that something fishy is going on.

  • Zero

    yes i’m a imac user and yes i have an iphone. but apple fan boys, are a bunch of fucking idiots!!

  • http://thatsangel.com/ Angel

    “Exclusive” but the source is another site, from an unknown journalist with questionable credibility.

    A little Google and a little logic, and you can shoot holes all through this. Like, has any Tim Richardson ever been identified as an Apple employee anywhere before that article? And, are his quotes “too perfect” and perfectly pandering for the inherent paranoia that comes with anything mentioning fingerprints? And, would a marketing professional really ever say anything like that about his company or its latest product? And who is Jane Agni to even get a direct quote from a marketing director at Apple? And why does she quote an “anonymous” customer later in the article?

    Come on, man. We gotta be better.

    • MrProsser

      Apparently being better is not a well liked idea by some. Rather than admit to being taken in by an obviously fake story, a lot of people want to fall back on the idea that it still must be real. Even the update above is weak and does not admit it.

  • Rick Maddocks

    Hey SCOTT BAKULA !! Why don’t YOU do a small amount of research before you open your pie hole? It is YOU who is DUMB. It is YOU and people LIKE you that myself and others will “walk away from” … while the cops are beating your ass.

    • MrProsser

      Except Scott was right, the source article is satire. You might want to read the article that was cited and see the line where an anonymous user admits to a string a murders, and look at the author’s other articles, and just research the source, there are tons of articles online discussing the fact that it is a parody website, they even used to have a disclaimer on the site proclaiming this.

  • Rick Maddocks

    Hey SCOTT !! And where do you get your citations from homeboy? From CNN ???? HHAAHHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAHHHAHAHA !!!!!!!!

  • aza pro

    don’t not true cuz
    apple’s executives said that the data from the fingerprint sensor will
    be stored in the A7 ship, and not even in there servers

  • Samantha Atkins

    This is an absolute fake. No one at Apple would speak that freely about things internal to Apple. It is bred into Apple employees to be reticent about sharing anything. Marketing people are especially careful of company image as well.

    Second everyone’s fingerprints in US are taken to get driver’s license and prints are even taken at birth in most hospitals.

    Third, your phone already knows who you are if you signed a contract.

    So this entire meme is ridiculous.

  • Marc

    This website is pathetic. They have posted news from a satirical website as true information, and after finding out it is a satirical website hackernews has just left the story intact…

    • MrProsser

      I contacted them on Twitter and they updated the article with a lame update that does not admit, that they are waiting for confirmation. I think that just about sums up the intellectual honesty of this site. Or they really do not understand what parody and satire mean.

  • http://endthelie.com Alternative News

    FYI, this cites NationalReport.net, which is a satire site. You really should check your sources. It looks quite silly to cite a satire site as if it was truth…

  • James Gaither

    If you use an Iphone or a mac, and you are not a video editor or graphics designer, you are in fact, “An idiot”. Not to mention, probably a liberal or a commie or both! Why pay more than twice the money for half of the functionality? Because your idiots, that’s why. Why pay for something that barley does much of anything, again, Idiots. Why use something you know has internet capability with the fact that it scans your fingerprints? Again, Idiots! Use android or be a commie douche the rest of your life. There is no argument, debate or discussion to this, it is simply true!

  • kwas

    didn’t they say when it came out it’s not stored in a data base anywhere and never leaves the phone

  • in ur tee

    You know what? Apple sucks because of their noob computers. Not from their phones or pods. Just those freaky, ugly, slow computers that cannot take most programs the internet has.

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