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Sunday Morning, China‘s Internet was hit through the Largest Denial of service attack which took down all the major sites of China ending with .cn like Weibo (the Twitter of China),, and the Bank of China and as the result of this attack 32 percent drop in internet traffic was recorded.

According to the China real time report, attack came in two waves, (1.)2 A.M (2.) 4 A.M.Denial of service, or DDoS, attacks use malware-infected computers to overwhelm a network by hitting servers with more activity than they can handle, overwhelming websites so that they are rendered inaccessible

The CNNIC says it will release more information shortly, but so far hasn’t confirmed the origin of the attacks. Despite what sounds like a complex take-down of part of China’s domain, a single person with little hacking experience could have performed the hack, according to Matthew Prince, the CEO of CloudFlare, which provides Web performance and security services for more than a million websites. “I don’t know how big the ‘pipes’ of .cn are, but it is not necessarily correct to infer that the attacker in this case had a significant amount of technical sophistication or resources,” he told The Wall Street Journal‘s Paul Mozur Monday afternoon China time. “It may have well have been a single individual.”

China has one of the most sophisticated filtering systems in the world and analysts rate highly the government’s ability to carry out cyber attacks. Despite this, China is not capable of defending itself from an attack, which CloudFlare says could have been carried out by a single individual.

VIA– CNNIC|Theatlanticwire|Wall Street Journal



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