According to the latest Snowden Revelation about NSA (classified intelligence budget) tells us that US intelligence services carried out 231 offensive cyber-operations in 2011, the leading edge of a clandestine campaign that embraces the Internet as a theater of spying, sabotage and war.

That revelation disclose a new evidence about the Obama Administration’s growing ranks of cyberwarriors infiltrate and disrupt foreign computer networks in Russia, China, Iran and North Korea.

US computer specialist break into the Foreign Networks by using an extensive effort code-named “GENIE” and the Budget documents say that $652 Million project has placed “covert implants”, sophisticated malware transmitted from far away, in computers, routers and firewalls on tens of thousands of machines every year, with plans to expand those numbers into the millions.

This one disclosure by Snowden seems to be more aggressive than previously understood and Voice of Russia says “The Obama administration treats all such cyber-operations as clandestine and declines to acknowledge them.”

“The policy debate has moved so that offensive options are more prominent now,” said former deputy defense secretary William J. Lynn III, who has not seen the budget document and was speaking generally. “I think there’s more of a case made now that offensive cyberoptions can be an important element in deterring certain adversaries.”

If you want some more Explanation on this report you can go through: Voice of Russia

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