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Iranian Hacker group claims credit for DDoS Attack on Nasdaq

Posted By: Praveen Kashyap | Posted in: Ddos Attacks Iranian Hackers | Time Posted: August 23, 2013 at 12:30 pm

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Hacker hit the Nasdaq Stock Exchange with a DDoS Attack, as a result of this attack, Nasdaq was down for three hours on Thursday, after the attack experts say this could be the work of hackers, especially since it wouldn’t be the first time a stock exchange is hit by cyber-criminals.

And now An Iranian hacking collective — Cyber Fighters of Izz ad-Din al-Qassam — has claimed credit for orchestrating sophisticated attacks that have overwhelmed the expensive security systems U.S. banks have put into place to keep their online banking services up and secure.

Security analyst at Gartner says:

“My first thought is that it is a denial-of-service attack, but I’m not sure, It’s a very attractive target. It’s very visible, and that’s what these Iranian state attacks are all about, making a political statement by disrupting a visible website.”

Last month, NASDAQ website was breached and passwords were compromised by hackers.

It is true that Nasdaq is a very attractive target and very visible also.

HSBC was also Hit by denial-of-service attack by  the same hacker Last year.


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