Indian Railways Official website was hacked by a Pakistani Hacker, website ( was defaced with hackers own webpage.

Hacker defaced the Eastern Railway sudomain of the Indian Railways with the following URL:

Defaced web page reads:

Hacked By MindCracker

Hello Guys :D

Aooooo Indian Railway Pawned LOL
Go to Hell This hack in reply to Pak Army Website
Contact : [email protected]
We Are : Shadow008 | KhantastiC | Darksnipper | H4x0rL1f3 | Invectus
GreeTz : Shadow008 | KhantastiC | H4x0rL1f3 | Invectus | Darksnipper | Dream.killer | 1337 | Ch3rn0by1 | Dr.Z0mbie
[email protected] | Ethical Noob | Pain006 | Hitcher | x3o-1337 | DeaTh AnGeL | T4p10N | Tor Demon | gujjar(pcp)
| SOG | WG_Eagle | [email protected] Mind | M4DSh4k | DeXter | Tha Rude |
THA Disaster | Rox.root | Redlof | w3bdrill3r | b0x | And All Pakistan Cyber Army Team
In the mean time the defaced page has been removed by the Administrator and as you can read in the above statement from hacker which clears that this hack has been placed in the reply of Pak Army website which was hacked by Indian hacker Godzilla 5 days ago.



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