In Indian today is Eid and on this occasion, an Indian Hacker “GODZILLA” who is famous for hacking Pakistan Govt. websites again hacked and defaced the official website of the Pakistan Army (

Hacker also hacked three Pakistan Army Facebook pages:

Here is the Screenshot of the hacked website:

If you are puzzled that how a hacker able to do these hacks so here is your answer:

Hacker Gaodzilla told E Hacking News that he planted a PDF exploit on the website which allowed him to install a piece of malware on the administrator’s computer.

After the hacks, the pages were removed.

Hacker Godzilla said:

“Now no more deals, if you can fire then we can bombard You are punished for breaking ceasefire we are coming for you,”

Currently, the Pakistan Army’s website and the Facebook pages are restored and working properly.



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