TEXAS: A student named Marshall Williams,18 allegedly hacked into a secure school network and printing sensitive data, earlier this year student complained that his English teacher would not accept a report on guns.

Williams has been arrested on felony charges on Thursday for allegedly hacking into a secure school network and printing sensitive data.

Local police in Denton, Texas, arrested Marshall Williams, 18, and charged him with the breach of government computer security, My Fox 4 in Dallas-Fort Worth reported.

Williams hacked Denton High school’s WiFi security in March and April using a stolen ID and password.

The teen hacker was able to gain access to sensitive data including alarm codes, the school’s crisis plan, a master key list, employee records and student test results.

He even reportedly printed out the test results and security codes on campus, using school printers.

It’s not clear whether or not Williams did anything with that information, according to My Fox 4.

Williams now being held in the Denton City Jail


  1. logging in with a stolen username and pass is NOT hacking, lol

    the media really needs to learn the difference, its embarassing, lol


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